Store Your Collection of Nickleback Albums Under Your Bed

Even though there may be snow on the ground and cold temperatures in your part of the country, spring is still just around the corner. This means it is time to plan for that great American pastime; spring cleaning. Spring is the time of year when the temperatures start to rise, flowers begin to bloom, birds start to sing and we all fight the urge to sing and dance and instead decide to engage in labor-intense cleaning activities. But don’t fret, spring cleaning can be a much less difficult task by utilizing tall bed risers. That’s right, slap these puppies on your bed frame and you have plenty of space to store your items. Here, let us give you a detailed run down.

You do have a fine collection of movies on VHS, including Ishtar and that one movie with Val Kilmer right before he grew six chins. You take great pride in your VHS movie collection, but the only problem is your VCR broke six years ago and you still haven’t had it fixed. In the meantime, you need a place to store your tapes. With the addition of a bed riser, your problem is solved. That’s right, store those awesome tapes under the bed.

Along with your movie collection, you own an extensive library of music albums. You have them all from a John Denver Christmas to that one Don Johnson album and the entire collection of Nickleback. Again, a fine collection that needs a safe place to be stored. With our bed riser, you simply slip them under your bed and they remain safe and out of the way.

The moral of our story is if you buy a set of bed risers, spring cleaning becomes a piece of cake.

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