Solutions to Your Storage Problem in Your Rather Small Bedroom

So you have been looking for solutions to your storage problem in your rather small bedroom, a daunting task indeed. If you are dealing with storage issues in your bedroom, a tall bed frame made possible by our bed raisers is an ideal solution. With the added space under your bed, you are better able to store that box of sweaters or those old CD’s you will never part with. But there are more space-saving solutions you can utilize. Here are just a few ways you can add space to your crowded bedroom.

Nightstands that mount directly to the wall are perfect for small bedrooms. Not only will this little trick give you added space, the look will make your bedroom seem larger than it really is. Use this added space to stash books ar shoes. In addition, you could buy a wall-mounted lamp and give yourself more space on the top of your nightstands. Simply brilliant.

If you don’t even have room for a nightstand, try hanging shelves on the wall adjacent to your bed. These shelves provide a catch-all for books, lamps and other knickknacks you need close to your bed. You might even want to consider mounting shelves high up on the wall that extend the length of your bedroom. Again, these shelves offer plenty of space for storage and keep clutter on the ground to a minimum.

You could also discover a nightstand that can easily double as a desk. Check out your local furniture store for small desks that could also be utilized as a nightstand.

With the added storage space you now have, you are free to go out and get more stuff to store in your bedroom.



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