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About Us?

Using a patented connection, our steel bed risers in your choice of 12" or 15" heights, attach to a standard metal bed frame that is normally 7" off the floor. It's that simple & now you have a tall bed frame where you  mattress set is now 12" or 15" off the floor!

Bed frame risers are economical to own & efficient to use. When you have a  tall bed riser, Just think of the things you can store that will stay safe, dry & easy to find! Workout equipment, seasonal clothes, extra shoes, holiday decorations, family records, toys ... with bed frame risers, the list is virtually endless.

Why Us?

The Bed Rizer Company accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please be advised we do ask for your card security code, your phone number, your email address and any other information we need to make sure we are talking to the card holder.

We don't give out or sell customer information. The only use we have for e-mail addresses is to contact you about your order and to inform you of the tracking number on your order.

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